Nicheton® Digital: B.O.T. (Build, Operate & Transfer) Model

B.O.T stands for Build Operate and Transfer. Our core proposition is to help clients build and grow their digital teams, using an integrated engagement model. Business models are evolving fast and it is changing the fundamentals of how we deliver work. Nicheton Digital partners with you to set up and bootstrap your own development or operations center. We relieve the pain of setting up a new company and learning the ins and outs of a foreign country or location, while allowing you to get operational at a faster pace. This model also mitigates your risk significantly as you only have to acquire the company shares after the minimum agreed duration.

How does the B.O.T. Model work?


  • We setup a new entity to establish business operations
  • We identify and setup office infrastructure as per client needs
  • We build an autonomous core team to drive HR, Admin, Finance, IT, Legal and more
  • All infrastructure work, support & services is billed at pass-through cost


  • We facilitate legal, statutory & regulatory needs for the entity
  • We equip clients with accounts, finance and external tax management needs
  • We facilitate all infrastructure and administration needs of the Client
  • We equip clients with human resources and recruitment for faster ramp up
  • We help procure IT laptops, servers, hardware, software, cloud, licenses
  • We help with consulting services in order to drive better company structure, culture, business and operations
  • Important process such as communications and technology support


  • Option 1 - Client has the option to purchase the business entity or business operations after completion of the minimum agreed tenure.

    TIP: The longer we operate the structure, the cheaper the transfer price
  • Option 2 - Alternate business model is the fixed fee charged on the total value of business conducted during the year charged on monthly basis
  • Option 3 - Transfer is not mandatory and you can continue operating in the B.O.T model

What is the Clients responsibility in the B.O.T model?

  • Client will be responsible for on-boarding and managing the team as it grows and delivers the work.

How do we get started?

  • First and foremost, decide the macro business plan, number of people needed per year, location of operations.
  • You can also start with a test project, a regular dedicated team or a B.O.T straight away.

Connect with us to know more.

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