Nicheton® Human Resources Consulting

The new age economic scenario is increasingly expecting HR leaders to look at Consulting Partners for churning out analysis and discovering patterns for decision making. These important decisions are related to cost, efficiency or effectiveness, that would otherwise go unnoticed in routine business. Leverage our D3 Model to Diagnose, Design and Deliver brings unique value to the HR consulting projects we undertake!

Our Strategic HR Consulting Services include:

  • HR Management and Leadership Consulting 
  • HR Audit
  • HR Assessment for Future Readiness
  • Design Hierarchy & Organization Structure
  • Recruitment Model and Process Review
  • Organization Culture & Value Assessment
  • HR Branding and Strategy
  • HR Function Specific Process Review 
  • HR Effectiveness
  • Startup HR Consulting
  • Building Core Values and Policy Compliance Framework
  • Drafting and Implementing Company Policies
  • HR Technology Assessment and Vendor Selection