The ideal candidate for Nicheton is one with good communication skills and one who has the drive and passion to learn and grow. Its not how much you know, its how fast can you implement and bring value to business. If you wish to know more, feel free to write to us at

Senior Azure Serverless App Developer

Description : Nicheton is looking for tech enthusiasts willing to work in a team to build, develop and implement technology solutions for our clients.

The Role:
Experienced Azure developer for designing and developing new product modules for the AtlasFive product.

  • Azure Functions and Logic Apps
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Experience working in micro-service architectures
  • API development & integration (Azure APIM/WebAPI/REST)
  • Strong proficiency with Angular JS, Node JS and Visual Studio
  • Experience with PowerShell an advantage.
  • Azure DevOps development environment
  • SQL Server / NoSQL (Cosmos DB/Mongo DB) experience
  • Strong Customer Focus

Required Experience:
Knowledge of Azure Functions and Logic Apps
  • Writing small pieces of serverless code using Angular JS, Node JS, C# and Visual Studio
  • Developing Logic Apps with ARM Templates in Visual Studio and its deployment
  • Auto-Triggers, Timer-Triggers and HTTP endpoints (handling JSON payload)
  • Various In-built Connectors (e.g. Table Storage, Blob Storage, Service Bus, SendGrid, etc.)
  • Creating Custom Connectors (e.g. WCF/SOAP with XML payload, etc.)
  • Various Flows (e.g. Exception Handling, Condition, Parallel Processing, JSON Parsing, etc.)
  • Using Azure KeyVault to store and retrieve sensitive information

Knowledge on Azure Service Bus (ASB)
  • Publish/Subscribe model of message communication
  • Developing ASB with ARM Templates in Visual Studio and its deployment
  • Message handling life-cycle (Time-To-Live, Size, Locking, DeadLetterQueue, Sessions, Duplicate Detection, etc.)
  • Configuring Alerts, Logs and Dashboards
  • Network Security. Configuring VNet for Azure Service Bus

DevOps and Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Azure Repos/Git code repository and branching
  • SonarCloud for static code analysis
  • Knowledge on build and release pipelines to deploy to above services
  • Knowledge of environment wise parameters replacement in config files (e.g. Connection String, Key Vault, etc.)
  • Familiar with Test Driven Development – unit tests, system integration tests, acceptance test, load tests, WebAPI, NUnit, Moq, Autofac, Jasmine, Karma
  • Jira for ticket management