Why Outplacement Services Is Seeing Exponential Growth In India?

Have you ever experienced a legal battle and its impact on the brand, its clients, and employees due to the layoff decision your company took? Its irreversible and much difficult to erase those memories and content out of people’s mind and the marketplace. Not to forget those ever damaging remarks left on the internet, social media and the review sites for ever.

As marketplaces evolve, and as India evolves, the need to consider outplacement services is growing exponentially.

As a solution, outsourcing services are used by companies to help and aid their departing employees in finding new job or relevant work in the marketplace.

The process is usually initiated by the employer by signing up with an appropriate outplacement service provider. The Human Resources team generally chooses a package that is best suited for the company based on its objective and the one that will benefit the departing employee.

The outplacement service package is handed over and explained to the employee usually when the exit is initiated or when the exit formalities are planned.

Outplacement Services are designed in such a way that they meet both the employer and departing employee’s needs. The goal is to benefit the employer stay compliant, improve their process, support the employee, and protect the brand; and for the employee it provides structure, speeds up the job search process, and help in establishing the next step in their career without facing many troubles.

Outplacement services are primarily classified based on the package the company decides to adapt. It may include the following but not limited to:

For the company:
1. Termination assistance or legal consultation
2. Termination process and documentation support
3. Sensitization workshops for managers
4. Train to conduct exit discussions
5. Training managers to manage the post exit scenario with existing teams
6. Managing internal communication
7. Tracking and reporting progress on former employee

For the departing employee:
8. Career assessment services
9. Identifying reskilling or upskilling requirements
10. Assistance in reviewing and preparing professional resumes
11. Assisting and preparing them for interviews
12. Improving social media presence particularly LinkedIn profile development
13. Counselling and coaching the employee for positive reinforcement
14. Spouse support through counselling
15. Behavioral psychologist counselling support (as needed)
16. Job search advice or help track relevant job openings, but offers no guarantee
17. Support candidates get job offers, but offers no guarantee

But, why should the company invest its time and resources in helping people who may no longer be your employee? What is in it for the company? Would be the question that arises!

Well, because outplacement is so much more than just your outgoing employees. It’s about your company’s reputation, brand, and the employees who are still employed with you.

This is also an opportunity to show that the company cares for its employees and their well-being. As we all know a strong brand is required to be able to attract good pool of candidates for the future job requirements, and having services like these will not only control the impact of laying off employees but also create a positive eminence in the marketplace for the company.

Impacts due to layoff that may affect business:
1. Negative media coverage
2. Negative impact on Company Brand
3. Lawsuits
4. Investor / customer sentiment / integrity issues
5. Negative feedback and reviews on platforms
6. Revenue / Financial Loss to the firm
7. Impact on morale of existing employees
8. Attrition
9. Productivity issues
10. Lack of trust / transparency / loyalty towards the firm
11. Negative alumni employee sentiment
12. Potential time spent in hiring additional resources, including recruitment cost
13. Loss in productively / revenue leakage during hiring cycle
14. Potential business or opportunity loss

In pressing times such as a recession, lockdown or financial loss, companies may have to let go of their staff to manage and sustain in the marketplace. Hence, it is inevitable to ensure that companies protect their brand against the negative impact of layoffs.

At the end, it is a beneficiary service for all, and not only does it help in creating a good name for the companies, but also makes sure that the employees are not left behind unattended. Relationships are fostered thus proving it to be a win - win situation for all.

How are you protecting your company brand due to layoffs? And how are you assisting your departing employee find suitable opportunity?

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