What is HR Function Assessment?

Looking forward to Transform your HR (Human Resources) Function? Start with a strategic HR Assessment.

What is HR Function Assessment? HR Function Assessment is conducted on each area within HR to assess Strategies, Structure, Systems, Processes, Styles, Skills/competencies, Culture and their appropriateness to achieve the short term and long terms goals of the organization.

What are the objectives of HR Assessment?
Here are few important objectives of HR Assessment.
a. Identify HR function’s consistency with the corporate strategy and its impact on organization competitiveness
b. Assessing HR SWOT and Improvement Areas
c. Assessing Leadership strengths for sustained competitive advantage
d. Overall Gap Analysis from desired state

Which areas are covered when doing HR Assessment?
Here is an example of which HR areas are within the scope of assessment, but not limited to:
1. HR Architecture, strategies, objectives and procedures in alignment with companys vision, values and expected business results
2. Competency framework, integration and impact on subsequent HR processes
3. HR budgeting and management
4. Global expansion strategy and roadmap
5. Contract, agreements and Vendor Management Policies
6. Selection, recruitment, hiring and employment policies and procedures
7. Induction and on-boarding process
8. Resourcing and staff allocation processes
9. Training and development framework and policy
10. Leadership development framework
11. Career planning
12. Succession planning
13. Employees engagement and Employee experience
14. Performance appraisal management system
15. Annual employee survey summary review
16. Exit / departure procedures
17. Compensation Management systems incl. of benefits, bonuses, incentives
18. Talent / employee relations, ethics, integrity and labour law management
19. Employees record maintenance
20. Compliance of existing HR processes, practices and procedures, and internal rules and procedures
21. Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS)
22. HR technology and digitization
23. Others upon company request…

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