The Ultimate Guide To Staying Relevant In The Industry!

Business and marketplaces are changing faster than our imagination, technology and automation is gaining momentum, and professionals graduating from campus are coming with greater skills and capabilities. Organizations are no longer looking for professionals with just people management skills - they need more!

Particularly, organizations today are looking at senior executives who have expertise in solving problems, managing change, go-to-market skills, domain-aptitude, subject matter expertise, pre-sales or business development skills, or nimble, humble yet aggressive leadership style who focuses-on-result to drive innovation and change, has ability to transform business functions to improvise margins, reduce wastage, inefficiencies and drive value and throughput.

7 key behaviors to adapt early-on in ones career to have a successful and long lasting career in the industry. Here are few tips from our research.

  • Do not stop learning new skills. Even if you believe you have a great and safe job in hand! Learn, adapt, and change.
  • Do not stop learning new technologies. Even if you think you are working on a hot or niche technology!
  • Do not hesitate to change your domain or skills. It is worth the risk.
  • Do not let go of your hands-on experience. Learn to delegate, but you need to keep you expertise alive.
  • Do not assume that program management is going to be your future. The future of work will surprise you very hard!
  • You need to keep your actual competence alive - be it industry, domain, functional or technical expertise upgraded - you will be valued for it always.
  • Do not shun people better than you. Do not fight them, instead encourage them, motivate and coach them.
  • Learn to get uncomfortable. This will train your mind to learn and fight, learn to take risk, change, adapt and stay relevant! In a way, this is going to be the new normal.
  • Learn to stay-put in difficult situations. Do not Run. Do not hide. Manage it. This will train you to become a better problem solver. This is a key skill and asset that will differentiate you from the rest.

One needs to look beyond 9-6 mindset, and try to find opportunities in the present job to Learn more! Do more! Most importantly, preparing ones mind to unlearn-and-learn, and seems to be the most difficult part for many, yet it is the most important aspect to prepare for the future!

There is lot of scope for all of us to learn, up-skill and re-skill, with our vision clearly focused on the future-of-tech and future-of-work. It is important to tune ourselves with all those opportunities coming our way, and hammer ourselves to prepare for the future, continuously and consistently.

Question is – what are you doing to stay relevant? Drop in your comments below.

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