3 Things You Must Do Prior To Launching A Major Training Program

Frontline Sales Leaders and Managers have crucial role to play before, during and after launching major sales training for their teams. He / She plays a key role in the success or failure of any organization. A sales manager’s active involvement increases the likelihood of sales team initiating, engaging, and sustaining new selling behaviors over time and also in achieving the preset sales targets and eventually generating revenue for the organization.
We recommend the following to Sales leaders and managers on what they must do, in order to increase their teams’ effectiveness and maximize long-term benefits of training. Consider doing the following:

Increase awareness prior to training
a. A sales team needs to understand why the training is important and how the new skills and knowledge will benefit their performance back on the job.
b. You don’t want to wait until the moment before the training to get your team thinking about it. Introduce the subject and prepare them for what’s to come. If you treat the training as a last-minute afterthought, your sales team will likely do the same.
c. Explain the case for change at the overview meeting.
d. We talk frequently about the importance of avoiding an “event” mentality. Do request Managers and team members to plan their work on the training dates ahead of time to avoid movement and phone calls during the learning time.

Let the team know the purpose of the scheduled training
What is happening in the business that is driving the need for training on new skills and knowledge?

a. Why is this training happening at this time?
b. What happens if they don’t develop new knowledge and skills now?
c. What skills and knowledge will the participants gain from the training?
d. How these skills and knowledge will benefit the participants back on the job?
e. How performance on the job ties back to key corporate goals and go-to-market strategy?

Next Steps: Set the expectation
This is your opportunity to coach your team towards getting the most out of the program.

1. Communicate ahead of time: Three days before the Training, send an e-mail reminding the learners to actively participate in the training, expand their network of contacts, and complete the pre-work. In addition, the sales manager sets expectations for applying the learning on the job and immediate next steps after the training.

2. Plan your work proactively: A sales team is always too busy and focused on working with prospects and clients. However, always motivate them! Help them avoid embarrassment and holding up the class by being prepared before they show up to the training session.

Always motivate and advise your reps, improving their performance. Pre-plan, set goals, also sit back and discuss about the future agendas.Setting this environment ahead of the training will largely help drive the value for the time and investment in the program.

Have more such tips! Feel free to share your insight with us. If you found this article helpful, please let us know in the comments below.

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12/03/2020 - 1:14 pm