Artificial Intelligence (AI): The New Hiring Partner

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are changing every industry, and HR (Human Resources) is not an exception. AI technology is rapidly reshaping and prospering , and is also helping HR professionals and hiring managers to simplify their tasks like-screening candidates, conducting interviews and on-boarding processes, to name a few. In the years to come, recruiting and hiring is more likely to look a lot different (in a good way, of course!) from what it does today.

1. Programmatic advertising will save time for hiring managers
How can you ensure that the right candidates spot your company’s job postings? Well, programmatic advertising is the answer you are looking for. And if it is operated perfectly, it gives the best expected result. In order to understand how this works is, this technique gives you the ability to showcase highly targeted advertisements in front of your right candidate at exactly the right time. And that is manifested based on their browsing history, online activity, and recent search data.
Advertisers basically sit on your computer gathering information about you and everything that you do over the internet using cookies – small packets of data that store information as you visit different pages, under a unique ID number. Similarly, these cookies can also be used to track candidates who visit your career pages, also what other pages they follow and store records of them. It is an unbreakable chain.
By using the data management process (DMP), you can then use it to select a set target of candidates and ultimately find who adequately matches up to the criteria. This surely can save hiring managers from having to sort through resumes and ultimately buy them a lot of time.

2. Chatbots will record data and answer the questions of the candidates
At present, some companies are already using chatbots in their recruitment processes.
Chatbots work on a version of artificial intelligence, which can make your life a lot easier and speed up the hiring process. One such tool Mya- a fascinating piece of technology solely designed for the recruitment industry. This advanced chatbot is capable of talking and engaging with candidates through a simple messaging application. It can ask questions to candidates and also fill in gaps in the applicant’s résumés, giving the recruiters a clearer picture of their suitability for a role, making the recruitment process a lot easier.

3. Facial and speech recognition software will make video interviews more crucial
As compared to the earlier times, we have seen a huge increase in the number of firms in today’s world, practicing video interviews in their advanced recruitment processes. It is believed that these practices would flourish more in the upcoming years.
As multiple companies are adopting facial and speech recognition software, the experience of video interview might change completely. A future video scenario might seem different – an interviewee may only have to speak looking at the camera and answer to the list of questions put up by the software.
By simply monitoring the body language, facial expressions, and tone of the candidate, this technology will be designed to be capable of measuring personality traits, stress level, adaptibilty to the change, response to on the spot targets, and much more factors. This might help you to find personalities that match your prerequisite company culture.

What does all this encapsulate to?
Future is vague and accuracy is not 100% attainable everytime. However, while we are at it, we need to also accept the change that AI is the current trend and definitely has got a role to play. Some of these trends have already been seen implemented into hiring and recruitment sectors. We cannot fail to consider the fact that technology is created to ease out human efforts, but it also risks the employment chances as the work is taken over by the systems. However, it seems quite difficult for technology to completely replace humans in the near future, because to run the applications also, there should be resources.

Therefore, the HR professionals and individuals who can be interdependent on these technologies (Artificial Intelligence) can surely be able to reap greater ROI for their companies.

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