The New Movement: Continuous Learning Is Rising In Importance

If you have two job options to choose from – one with a better package, another with good learning opportunities and excellent exposure, which one would you pick? According to research, most people would likely choose the latter. Once the salary of an individual gets to a certain hygiene point – what keeps them retained isn’t just money. However, while pay continues to be a basic reason why people exit in companies; continuous learning is rising in importance.

It is observed that employees tend to leave their jobs due to lack of opportunity. However, people are also concerned with individual pay. Companies are surely investing in their employees, but they are not completely successful in creating wider career opportunities in regards with acquiring more knowledge.

We devote so much of our time at work, so it is important that we enjoy the work that we do. Only then we tend to get better at it – getting better at things offers you with more responsibilities and tasks.

People these days want to be valued and listened too! Therefore when a company is providing opportunities to help people polish their skills and get better at them, then definitely it is a sign that the company cares about your growth and mobility.

Other perks of choosing learning over earning:
#Brings success: When you have the urge to learn, success comes your way as you are flowing positively with the pace.
#Improves personality: Having knowledge makes you a more confident person. It helps you grow and emerge as a phlegmatic personality.
#Coping up with the trend: Learning new things helps you to stay in touch with curret trends and makes you socially aware, which helps you to move along with the fast-changing world.
#Make more money: What does the world want? Someone who comes up with new ideas and is a continuous learner. Once the potential of a person is understood and as long as he is ready to survive in the market, he is an important asset always.

Growth matters more than compensation
At present, many companies are falling into a trap of thinking that they have to pay a huge salary to the high-performing employees to retain them in their organization. It is a necessity to compensate people well, but is it enough to keep them motivated? Eventually they might realize this and reach a saturation point where they feel they are paid enough, but their learning graph is pretty stagnant.

They no longer feel that they are growing and developing in their role and feel that what once seemed as a great ‘opportunity’ does not feel the same now. This is the point where the interest of an employee diminishes and he decides to quit the job.

Eventually their thought process shifts to, “Where can I go from here?” They are ready to earn moderate or even less in another workplace, if they are getting greater growth opportunities.

At the end it all sums up to growth. Most employees (at least the ones that leave) do not expect a degradation, they just desire movement – be it upwards, sideways or diagonal. Here, ‘Movement’ in many employees’ can be titled as learning, progress, development and compensation – all clubbed together under the umbrella of opportunity.

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